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Last, but certainly not least is my beautiful niece, Alexis.  This cutie has so much personality!  Right now she’s learning tons of words so everything is fair game.  Her favorite words are “It’s broken!” and “Elmo!”  She also likes to shout everyone’s names so you hear “Mommy, Daddy, Jen, This!” all day.  “This” is what she’s decided to call her Uncle Caleb.  It’s pretty cute.  She was running down the hall one day, saying “where’s this?” and it took me a while to figure out what she meant.  There are more posts of Alexis to come, but this is from the same morning at the park with Ezra and Flicka.  One of my favorite things about Alexis is that when she finds something amusing she’ll find her Mom, Laura, wherever she is, and give her this little giggle, and show her.  Every time.  It’s adorable.

Thank you Alexis and Laura!