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Jess and Tim

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Next to my husband, my brother is my favorite person in the world.  Hands down.  After a difficult week of being reminded just how precious brothers are, I really enjoyed putting this post together.  I begged Tim for days to do a session with me before he went back to school and I even had Jess pestering him about it too.  But it was looking like a "no-go" because he "doesn't like having his picture taken".  However, he surprised both Jess and I by finally agreeing to it.  I think it's my favorite session to date, but I might be a bit biased. Jess is amazing.  In a word.  I have never met a girl that can keep up with Tim, but she can.  She is so fun to be around and just lights up any room she's in.  She also keeps my brother's incredibly large ego in check, which let's face it, needs to be done on a daily basis.  So here they are!  One of my favorite guys, with his favorite girl.

Thanks a ton you guys!  Already miss you.