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I recently attended a conference in Portland called World Domination Summit. It was a ton of fun and all about how to live a remarkable, unconventional, and inspiring life. I met so many new friends and enjoyed wandering the streets of downtown Portland and checking out all the yummy food carts. While there, I offered a mini session package to the attendees and several people took me up on the offer. This is Michelle. In a word, Michelle is AWESOME! She's from New York and you should totally check her our at When I Grow Up. Michelle and I wandered around South Park taking photos and chatting it up at lunch time. As you can see, she's got gorgeous eyes and a killer smile! She was so kind to invite me to lunch with her girls afterward and we spent time chatting away and breaking down the morning sessions. I am so grateful to have met her and so in awe of her. Let me tell you, not everyone can get up in front of 1,000 people, play the ukulele, and sing.  Which she did at the end of the conference. Like I said...AWESOME. Jen_Wojcik_Photography_Michelle-2Jen Wojcik Photography Michelle.2Jen_Wojcik_Photography_Michelle-3Jen_Wojcik_Photography_Michelle-11Jen Wojcik Photography Michelle.1Jen_Wojcik_Photography_Michelle-16Jen_Wojcik_Photography_Michelle-17Jen_Wojcik_Photography_Michelle-25