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Élan is one of the attendees from WDS that I met up with for a mini session. As soon as she walked up to me, I was so stoked for the session (even more so than I already was)!  She just screamed elegance and beauty. It was almost as if she had popped out of the 1920s, with her super cute haircut and flapper-esque blouse. Everything, from the way she talked and moved, to the way she brushed her hair aside was so graceful.  It was so great chatting away during our session. She's super sweet and also has an incredible job working at DAWN - the Disapora African Women's Network. So great to have me you, Élan, and hope to see you next year! Jen_Wojcik_Photography_Elan-10Jen_Wojcik_PhotographyJen_Wojcik_PhotographyJen_Wojcik_PhotographyJen_Wojcik_PhotographyJen_Wojcik_PhotographyJen_Wojcik_PhotographyJen_Wojcik_Photography