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Baby Girl Etta Maria | San Diego Birth Photography

NewbornJen Wojcik7 Comments

I was asked by Lani and Jim to photograph the birth of their baby and it was an experience that I can barely put into words. I arrived at the hospital at 11pm and Lani was well into her labor.  I had a feeling things would be happening soon, but didn't want to hover in her room so I walked down to the family waiting room where I watched the end of Leno and the beginning of Jimmy Fallon.  As Fallon brought on his first guest I got a call from Jim.  Lani was going to start pushing.

Having never been in a delivery room before, I just wanted to capture the experience for Lani while staying out of everybody's way.  I figured it would be like it is in the movies, people running around yelling STAT!, Lani screaming bloody murder, and Jim freaking out.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Birth isn't like that.  Or at least Lani's wasn't.  The room was quiet and so peaceful.  Lani was so unbelievably calm and strong.  She pushed for about fifteen or twenty minutes before baby Etta came into the world.  I'll never forget Lani's reaction as they put Etta on her chest.

I could not be more grateful for the chance to preserve these precious moments below.  Lani was amazing.  The love between Lani and Jim and the love they have for Etta was so abundant, it was impossible not to capture.

Congratulations to Lani, Jim, and big brother, Ian!