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carlsbad half marathon | carlsbad, ca

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I'm not a runner. By any means. You can ask anyone. I spent 10 years not running due to a knee injury and orders from my doctor not to. He recently changed his mind. He gave me the green light, said to take it easy, and to listen to my body. So, what do I decide to do? Run a half marathon. I'm crazy like that. I couldn't help was a bucket list thing. I spent the last three months training. What seemed impossible only a few months ago became a reality this past Sunday. I ran my first half marathon. And I'm hooked.

Was it difficult? Oh. My. God. Yes. I couldn't run for 5 minutes straight a year ago.  It took time and patience and dedication. But I did it. And I've rarely been this proud of myself.  My time didn't matter to me, all that did was that I start running at the start line and finish at the finish line. No walking. And I DID it! (Too bad there's a lady mostly blocking me in all of the shots if me crossing the finish line.)

If you have something you've always wanted to do but you've been too busy, too scared, too lazy, too ANYTHING. Just stop. Stop and ask yourself, why am I putting this off? What is stopping me? Confront your fears and GO for it. Because I can't even put into words how rewarding it is to turn around at the end, after all the hard work, and say, "Yea. I did that. And I did it for me." Not for anyone else.

Thank you Milosci for taking pictures and documenting this for me.