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I Wish I Were Italian - Vol. 1

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If we haven't met in person yet, I'm sure you've been able to guess by trolling through my site, that I have a thing for Italy. And that's putting it mildly. A family member recently said she expected me to turn into a full fledged Nonna any day now.

I've heard the first step is admitting that you have a problem. I, Jen Wojcik, am obsessed with all things Italian. Whew, ok, it's officially out there.

So why Italy? I was an Art History major in college and studied the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods in Rome during the spring semester of my junior year. Being in the the presence of some of my favorite pieces of art was emotional and inspiring, but it's only part of why I fell in love with the country.

It was the scent in the air, the food, and the rhythm of day to day life, that I fell in love with. Time doesn't matter in Italy. Yes, people have things to do and places to be, but they first and foremost they have lives to live and families to love. This, beyond anything else, comes first. Their passion for family, friends, food, and art was intoxicating.

The train will get there when it gets there. The shop you just walked up to, that was open at the exact same time yesterday, is closed for no reason. Meals stretch out into hours of laughter, wine, and espresso. People stop to chat with their neighbors, knowing full well, the meeting they're on their way to can, and will, wait. Italians live. And in the in-between, they work.

This past fall, I returned with my husband, my brother, and his girlfriend. This weekly series will explore that time, as well as all other things Italian that I love.

Happy Friday.

Assisi, Italy. Portra 400. Contax 645.