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Artists at Work | 10.11 Makeup

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I recently sat down with Erica at 10.11 Makeup as part of my Artists at Work Series. There is such an abundance of creative talent that goes into a wedding day and it's so amazing to get to know other vendors in the industry and to discover what fuels them. 

What do you do?
We are a full service, mobile, hair styling and makeup artistry company. 

Where are you located?
Our studio is based in Orange County, specifically Costa Mesa. But we travel all over.

What inspires you? Or who?
Gosh, thats a hard one. I feel like we are surrounded by so much beauty in life - people, places, textures, colors... I feel like I draw inspiration from all of that... I genuinely stop, take it all in and smell the roses...and then think about how the color of that rose would make an amazing liptstick or rouge, naturally :) 

Who is your favorite artist?
Lisa Eldridge is unbelievable, and really inspiring.

Can you go into your process a little? How do you like to work with a client?
We really focus on the wedding industry specifically, so the majority of our clients are brides. We typically meet with our clients prior to their wedding date, go over hairstyles as well as makeup looks and create/design a look that is specific for them. I love that each client brings something different and unique with them, each beautiful in their own way. We also encourage clients to bring in photos of what they love AND don't love - with the understanding that everyone has their own personal styles and what one person may love another may not. 

What are some of your favorite tools that you use?
Right now I can not live without my Beauty Blender or my Makeup Forever Hd Elixir. The beauty blender does a beautiful job of pressing the makeup into the skin, leaving it looking dewy and fresh. The Elixir is amazing for its hydrating properties and is perfect especially during the summer months. 

What is favorite type of Italian food?
My favorite type of Italian food would be baked mostaccioli - we have it every year on Christmas Eve. My favorite food in general is probably dessert. I love chocolate, and I would eat dessert every night if my metabolism would let me. 

What is your favorite way to unwind?
I love family time. Watching my kids play, snuggling on the couch with my husband, yelling at my dog to stop licking my kids' faces off... its my favorite time of the day.

Where is your favorite place to travel to and why?
I'm almost positive that if I went to Bora Bora it would be my most favorite ever (working on the hubs for that one). In the meantime, I love Hawaii. We go fairly frequent, and there is a sense of home away from home for me there... its so peaceful and now that I have been during whale watching season, I have a new love for it. 

Sweet or Salty?
Yes. I have a new found love for sweet AND salty, combined. 85 degrees has the best sea salt coffee drink ever, its my jam. And I make a bacon chocolate chip cookie thats amazing... like Im pretty sure my husband wanted to marry me all over again after he ate one. 

Mountains or beach?
One of the most beautiful places I have been to is Big Sur... where the mountains meet the beach. Takes your breath away. 

What is your favorite photo in your possession?
I have a photo of my brother and I squishing my mom in a giant hug sandwich, and I love it... I love our expressions in it- I can hear the laughing that took place as we snapped the photo - its definitely one of my most favorite photos ever. 

If you could revisit one moment in your life over and over again what would it be?
The moment I watched my husband become a father... seeing him hold our son for the very first time - I have never experienced a joy and love like that ... my heart exploded in that very moment. 

Thank you Erica for taking the time to share your your space and your talents with me.