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"What Should I Wear to My Photo Session?"

Client How To'sJen Wojcik3 Comments

Okay.  So this is the question that I hear most often from my engaged couples, so I thought I'd write a post to give you my take on dressing for your session with me.  I mean, we all want to look good, right?! For my anniversary session this summer with Caleb I was agonizing over what to wear and poor Leb had to endure questions like this for days, "How does this look?  What about this?  Does this make me look preggers?"

We all want to look like the best version of ourselves for photos.

Now, a lot of photographers, and in the past, myself included, would tell you "Wear something that's you, something that you feel great in" and this is totally true.  But that's where most photographers leave it.

I don't want to be most photographers.  I want you to rock it.  And I want to help.  I want to take it a step further than most.

It's a severe disservice we're doing to our clients to say this and only this, because let's face it, we KNOW what looks good in photos.  We spend hours every day in front of the computer editing our shots and know what works and what doesn't.  We're the experts and we owe it to our clients to give you direction and input.

Now, that's not to say I'm a stylist, but I can help you with the basics.

I want you to show up to your session looking and feeling your best, but this often takes some forethought on your part and some direction on mine.  So, let's get into the nitty gritty...  

Three Essential Rules to Follow

Above and beyond any and all rules, these three remain paramount:

1.  Wear something that's you, something that you feel great in.  Seriously.  If you show up in a pair of sky high stilettos and have no idea how to walk in them, that's going to show in the photos.  If you HATE skinny jeans, don't wear them.  If you can't stand the sock bun trend, (I personally love it!) leave your hair down.  And if you don't ever want to be caught dead in a dress, wear some cute jeans.

2.  Punch it!  Whatever your style is, take it to the next level.  Exaggerate it a bit.  Think of dressing for a good friend's wedding.  You want to look cute in case you get snapped in photos, but you still want to look like you.  Take your session with me as an excuse to get all dolled up and then go out on a date afterward.

3.  Bring three outfits.   Different outfits will bring a texture to your photos that you can't even imagine!  And they don't have to be three separate outfits.  You could simply layer up with a cute sweater and turn one outfit into two.  I don't care if we're off in the middle of nowhere, there is always a place to change (and yes, sometimes it's the backseat of your car), so don't worry about it!

Rules About Color

1.  Think coordinating, NOT matching!  The days of showing up at the beach in all white tops and khaki are soooo long gone.  Pick outfits and colors that compliment each other.  Pick three colors (one being neutral) and two that POP! and try to keep it to those.  Too many colors can be distracting, but too few can be flat and boring.  Notice in the outfits below that her blouse doesn't match his dress shirt exactly.  They're a play on different shades of white/ivory.

2.  Consider the season.  The four outfit sets below are for each season.  I know we're in San Diego and seasons don't matter much, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy a nice fall sweater!





3.  Do NOT wear clothing with words on them!  I can't emphasize this enough.  Words are so distracting in photos and this is about YOU, not what it says on your shirt.  Yes, there is the occasional exception to the rule, but for the most part, do try to stay away from words or blatant logos.

4.  It's okay to mix solids, patterns, and different materials.  It adds texture and depth to the photos.

For all you Brides and Grooms out there:

Your engagement photos are about the two of you and capturing the love you have for one another.  However, we want the bride to POP!  Coordinate your outfits so that the groom-to-be does not upstage the bride-to-be.  Notice how his outfit below doesn't overpower hers.

5.  Have fun with your outfits and dress up more than you usually would!  Bring out those bight raspberry shoes you never get a chance to wear.  Or that orange sweater he bought last fall and hasn't worn yet.  Wear your favorite pair of jeans, but leave the old baggy sweatshirt at home.  Have fun and accessorize, break out those bracelets and earrings!

These rules are not hard and fast, they're just guidelines to help you guys out.  And they don't only apply to engagements, but families as well.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to email me.