Jen Wojcik Photography

As a student of art history I fell in love with the brush strokes of Raphael long ago. I couldn't be a painter because I didn't have the skill, but when I work with film, I feel like one.

The film stock is my color palette and the camera is my brush. It's really that simple. Film takes me to a space that I can't go to when I shoot digitally. 

When I'm shooting film, things feel like they're moving in slow motion. I feel the wind in my hair and the warmth of the sun. I hear the laugh of my bride more clearly and the whirring of my shutter falling as I create my image.

It makes me a better photographer because it's not about clicking away and hoping that I got the shot, it's about crafting the image in my head, directing my clients to that point, and waiting for the right moment.

All the things you have to think about when you shoot digitally fall to the wayside with film.

It isn't about settings and swapping out lenses. It's one camera, one light meter, and my couple. I can truly be present with them in that moment and preserve it.

It's an emotional experience for me because when I look at my images afterward, they do feel like a painting, they feel like something I have created rather than captured.