I squeal every time I see a puppy because I can't handle the cuteness. I melt at their squishy little faces and their big brown eyes.

My go-to outfit is a pair of jeans, a tank, and a pair of rainbow sandals. One of my favorite feelings in the world is to step outside and have the sun tenderly kiss my shoulders.

There are about a thousand hair ties in my couch. My husband loves my hair down and I think that couch snuggles with him and taking out my ponytail are the best ways to end the day.

I love all things Italian. The way San Marzano marinara sauce melts in your mouth, the way cobblestones feel under your feet, and the tingle on the tip of your tongue after a sip of dry, sparkling, Prosecco. When I close my eyes and go to my happy place, I see the sun washed buildings of Assisi and the Tuscan light streaming over the town. My husband holds my hand as we wander the back roads looking for the perfect bottle of olive oil.

I watch Love Actually every Christmas and I still get butterflies when Hugh Grant kisses his lady love behind the curtain.

If I could, I would bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies every night just so I could savor the smell.

My husband and I give each other letters instead of gifts for special occasions and we keep them in a handmade wooden box that I gave him on our wedding day.

I believe in the material and the tangible. Photos should cover your walls, not fill up your hard drive.

I believe in long slow kisses and holding hands in the car.

I believe in the love you two have for one another. And I believe that the images I craft for you will take you to a time and place where you ache to go again.  

Photo by Ashley Kelemen

Photo by Ashley Kelemen