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Surprise New Zealand Wedding a Year in the Making

It started off like any other Tuesday morning. We woke up early to go for a hike with our dog. Little did I know he had other plans...

Those plans included proposing with a custom engagement ring and a box made by a dear family friend, full of details explaining the adventure to follow. The next thing I knew we were boarding a plane that night with our closest family and friends (all of them had been in on the big secret from the start!) I was set to be a fiancée for all of three days before we got married on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. The smile on my face was exactly what everyone had been waiting over a year to see. 

This moment was over a year in the making. Kyle had been working full time, applying for grad school and flying around the country for interviews, all while planning and designing our wedding in secret. He'd asked my parents over a year ago and invited our closest family and friends who all played such a significant role in our wedding day. He leaned on my network of wedding industry friends and coworkers in San Diego as well as with New Zealand vendors to design our wedding. He thought of every single detail down to the dress, veil, venue, catering, florals, photography and videography, just to name a few. 

He worked with vendors in the year leading up to the proposal to make sure everything was perfect.

He even helped coordinate everyone's flights to make sure that we could travel abroad together. 

We all ferried over to Waiheke Island together.

From the ferry my Dad RV'd all of the girls to a house that Kyle had booked for us to spend the evening together. My mom had planned a surprise bridal shower for the evening and each corner I turned in the house led to another surprise. Robes for all of from home...seeing my wedding dress, veil and shoes for the first time...

The next morning I woke up and it was our wedding day.

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